IMPA Marine Stores Guide, 6th edition, 2014
IMPA Marine Stores Guide, 6th edition, 2014
IMPA Marine Stores Guide, 6th edition, 2014
With over 43,000 codes, the IMPA Marine Stores Guide is the world’s leading reference guide for maritime purchasing and supply.
The Marine Stores Guide, in its various forms has been in circulation since 1978 and during that time more than 70,000 copies have been printed. The unique 6-digit code, which is used to identify a product, has remained consistent throughout production, which makes every issue usable even today.
The new 6th edition, released in 2014, has been updated to include more than 3,900 items and 42,000 codes.
*** Russian names have been added to product titles and a provisions code has been included as well. ***
The IMPA Marine Stores Guide is widely used on board ship as well as by suppliers and purchasers in office locations around the world.
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Год издания: 2014
Издатель: IMPA

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Welcome to the 6th edition of the Marine Stores Guide, the industry bible for the maritime supply chain.

The new edition builds on the MSG’s enviable legacy, cementing its position as the world’s leading reference source for maritime purchasing and supply.

More than 3,000 codes have been added to the new edition, meaning the MSG now contains in excess of 43,000 products. New lines have been added to reflect the changing demands of the marine industry, taking in new welfare items, anti-piracy products and nautical equipment regulations.

The ever-growing content has been coupled with advances in technology that have seen many companies migrating their purchasing facilities to e-commerce trading platforms.

As such the Marine Stores Guide Data Licence continues to grow in both reach and application, allowing users to specify products quickly and effectively using unique data imported into their purchasing systems.

With illustrations, specifications, product information and comparison tables for major manufacturers the Marine Stores Guide 6th edition provides an invaluable reference for those involved in the commercial shipping industry.

Revised & Updated:

Category Cover Index
All category cover pages have a product group index with pictures of typical products along with the page numbers

Code Index
Categories that contain a wide variety of products have a code index at the beginning of the category for all codes that fall under it.

The sections below and opposite have been fully updated and now include the following new products:

Section 19 Clothing:

  • Winter use clothing (Safety working shoes, Winter working socks, Neck warmer, Moisture absorption heating inner suits, Working jackets & trousers for extreme cold climate) - 5 items, 32 codes
    Stripes (epaulet) - 1 item, 39 codes
  • Stripes (epaulet) - 1 item, 39 codes

Section 23 Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items:

  • New SOLAS pilot ladder
  • Securing suction pad for pilot ladder (New SOLAS requirement)
  • Holding magnet for pilot ladder (New SOLAS requirement)
  • New JIS shackles M class - 234 codes
  • Green pin shackles (from Netherlands) -2 items, 86 codes

Section 27 Painting Equipment:

  • Graco products (from Netherlands) updated.

Section 31 Safety Protective Gear:

  • MSA products (from Netherlands) updated.
  • Protective workware (from Microgard, U.K.) - 95 codes
  • Anti-piracy products (Bulletproof helmet, visor, body armour, plate, dummy)

Section 33 Safety Equipment:

  • Draeger products (from Singapore) updated.
  • European standard fire hose couplings and nozzles - 7 items, 83 codes
  • Safety anti-slip products (from Scotgrip, U.K.) - 34 codes

Section 35 Hose & Couplings:

  • European standard air & steam hose couplings - 6 items, 112 codes

Section 37 Nautical Equipment:

  • Merchant flags: separated to national flag and civil ensign

Section 47 Stationery

  • New computer-related accessories; HDD storage for computer, Router wired/wireless, USB cable, DVD drive internal / external, Memory card reader, Web camera

Section 49 Hardware:

  • Schwepper hardware (from Germany) updated -68 codes

Section 53 Lavatory equipment:

  • New lavatory equipment (from Waterline, Netherlands) -16 items, 54 codes

Section 59 Pneumatic and Electrical Tools

  • Various pneumatic and electrical tools updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from Dalseide Shipping Services AS (Norway), Holger Clasen (Germany), Trelawny (U.K.), Victor Marine (U.K.), I.C.O. (Italy), Aurand (U.S.A.), Buterworth (U.S.A.),Nilfisk-Densin (Singapore), KM Kinley (Singapore), etc.

Section 65 Measuring Tools:

  • Various measuring tools updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from Ametek Measurement and Calibration Technologies (Denmark), Scansense (Norway), Baewert GmbH (Germany), SIKA (Germany), etc.

Section 67 Metal Sheets, Bars, etc.:

  • Razor wire 13 codes

Section 81 Packing & Jointing:

  • Flange gaskets full face and raised face, 164 codes Various general repair products updated suggested by worldwide manufacturers from Henkel (Worldwide), Wencon (Denmark), Diamant Metalplastic GmbH (Germany), Weicon GmbH (germany), Indumar Products (U.S.A.)

Section 87 Welding Equipment:

  • New gas equipment added : Gas welding & cutting torches, Charging adapters for refrigerant gas cylinder valve, refrigerant gas charging hoses, Gauge manifolds - 4 items, 13 codes.

Section 11 Welfare Items:

  • New exercise gear; Ergometer, Treadmill, Cross trainer, Multi gym, Incline/abdominal bench, Exercise mat, Balance ball, Boxing stand set (from Fitatsea, U.K.)

Pool table, Table soccer, Portable DVD player, Tablet PC






How long has the Marine Stores Guide been around?

The Marine Stores Guide in its original format was first published in 1978 and since then nearly 80,000 copies have been sold.

Who are IMPA and what is there role with the Marine Stores Guide?

IMPA is the International Marine Purchasing Association and is a marine trade association that promotes co-operation and understanding between purchaser and supplier. Since 1993 IMPA has been the joint publisher of the Guide.

What items are included in the Guide?

The new guide contains over 3,000 news items with over 42,000 unique six digit codes, products are divided into 34 different categories ranging from clothing to paint and electric tools to machinery equipment, a full list can be found on this website under the section Book 6th edition.

How much is the Guide and How do I get a copy?

The Guide is priced at €190 and available from a number of worldwide distributors. There is a full list and an order form on this site listed under the distributors section.

How do I include my products in the Guide?

This website now acts as a vehicle for companies to present new products for inclusion in future editions of the Guide, it also allows companies to advise the publishing team of new products, errors and omissions and out of date products see the section called suggestions for more details.

How often is the Guide produced?

The Guide in its printed format is produced every five years, the next (7th) edition will be published in 2019 edition will be published in 2019, though we can take calls for entry inclusion and advertising now – see the section entitled advertising for more details.

How can I get the unique six digit code on my IT system?

There are a variety of different ways to utilise the data for your IT needs. The data service has been launched to work with e-commerce systems and is provided by IMPA. This version and includes six-monthly updates of the data with all new inclusions. For more information see the Data Licence FAQ tab .