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Listing of current IMO publications (English)
Listing of current IMO publications (English)
Listing of current IMO publications (English)
4 Apr 2023 -- Please see below the listing of current IMO publications in English.
Приведен список актуальных публикаций ИМО (на английском языке) по состоянию на 04.04.2023,
вкл. Модельные курсы ИМО.

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Год издания: 2023
Издатель: IMO Publishing

Please see below the listing of current IMO publications in English.

Listing of current IMO publications

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1989 MODU Code, Consolidated 2001 Edition (IA811E)
1994 High-Speed Craft (1994 HSC) Code, 1995 Edition (K187E)
2009 MODU Code, 2020 Edition (IA810E)
2010 Fire Test Procedures (FTP) Code, 2012 Edition (IC844E)
2010 HNS Convention, 2013 Edition (IA479E)
2011 ESP Code, 2020 Edition (IC265E)
2011 Timber Deck Cargoes (TDC), 2012 Edition (IA275E)
2012 Guidelines for Fish Waste, 2013 Edition (I539E)
31st Session 2019 (Res. 1131 - 1147) (I31E)
32nd Sessioin 2021 (Res. 1148 - 1172) (K32E)

Anti-Fouling Systems (AFS) Convention, 2005 Edition (EA680E)

Ballast Water Management – How to do it, 2017 Edition (K624E)
Basic Documents: Volume I, 2018 Edition (IC001E)
Basic Documents: Volume II, 2022 Edition (KC007E)
BCH Code, 2008 Edition (KC772E)
Bioremediation in Marine Oil Spills, 2004 Edition (E584E)
BLU Code including BLU Manual, 2011 Edition (KA266E)
BWM Convention and BWMS Code with Guidelines for Implementation, 2018 Edition (IA621E)

Cape Town Agreement of 2012, 2018 Edition (IA793E)
Carbon dioxide sequestration, 2016 Edition (I546E)
Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS) Code, 2021 Edition (IC292E)
Carriage of Cargo & Persons by OSV, 2000 Edition (E288E)
Casualty Investigation Code, 2008 Edition (I128E)
Civil Liability Convention (CLC), 1977 Edition (E410E)
Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1996 Edition (K473E)
Code of Safety Diving Systems, 1997 Edition (E808E)
Code on Alerts and Indicators, 2009, 2010 Edition (KB867E)
Code on Intact Stability (IS), 2009 Edition (IC874E)
Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships, 2014 Edition (K817E)
Collision Regulations Convention (COLREGS), 2003 Edition (IB904E)
Compensation Fund for Oil Pollution Damage, 1972 Bilingual Edition (E420B)
Compensation Fund Records for Oil Pollution Damage, 1978 Edition (E423E)
Compliance Monitoring Disposal, 2017 Edition (I547E)
Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) (I530E)
Control & Management of Ships' Biofouling, 2012 Edition (K662E)
Crude Oil Washing Systems, 2000 Edition (KA617E)

Dangerous Goods in Port Areas, 2007 Edition (IB290E)
Dedicated Clean Ballast Tanks, 1982 Edition (K619E)

Facilitation Convention (FAL), 20171 Edition (ID350E)
Field Monitoring Disposal, 2016 Edition (I542E)
Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code, 2015 Edition (IB155E)
Fishing Vessel Personnel Guidance Document, 2001 Edition (KA948E)

Gas Carrier Code for Existing Ships, 1976 Edition (E788E)
Gas Carrier Code, 1983 Edition (I782E)
GMDSS Manual, 2019 Edition (II970E)
Goal-based ship construction standards, 2013 Edition (I800E)
Guidance for Dredged Material, 2009 Edition (I538M)
Guidance Signs for Airport and Marine Terminals, 1995 Multilingual Edition (E370M)
Guide on oil spill response in ice and snow conditions, 2017 Edition (I585E)
Guide to Cold Water Survival, 2012 Edition (IB946E)
Guide to Maritime Security and ISPS Code, 2021 Edition (IB116E)
Guide to the Implementation of the OPRC Convention and OPRC-HNS Protocol, 2020 Edition (K559E)
Guidelines on Assessment of Dredged Material, 2015 Edition (I540E)
Guideline for Oil Spill Response in fast currents, 2013 Edition (I582E)
Guidelines for Liquids Transported in Bulk, 1997 Edition (I653E)
Guidelines for the Implementation of MARPOL Annex V, 2017 Edition (IC656E)
Guidelines on assessment of dredged materials, 2015 Edition (K540E)
Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition (IA968E)

High Speed Craft (2000 HSC) Code, 2021 Edition (IB185E)
Hong Kong Convention, 2013 Edition (I683E)

IAMSAR Manual: Volume I, 2022 Edition (IK960E)
IAMSAR Manual: Volume II, 2022 Edition (IH961E)
IAMSAR Manual: Volume III, 2022 Edition (IK962E)

IBC Code, 2020 Edition (IE100E)
IGC Code, 1993 Edition (K104E)
IGC Code, 2016 Edition (KA104E)
IGF Code, 2016 Edition (I109E)

IMDG Code, 2020 Edition (inc. Amendment 40-20) (IM200E)
IMDG Code, 2022 Edition (inc. Amendment 41-22) (IN200E)
IMDG Code Supplement, 2022 Edition (IL210E)

IMO 2020: Consistent Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI, 2019 Edition (I666E)
IMO Guidelines on Ship Recycling, 2006 Edition (I685E)
IMO In-Situ Burning Guidelines, 2017 Edition (I623E)
IMO Liability and Compensation Regime, 2018 Edition (I455E)
IMO Member States Audit Scheme, 2015 Edition (I118E)
IMO SMCP, 2002 Edition (KA987E)
IMO SMCP Pronunciation Guide on CD, 2004 Edition (D987E)
IMO/ILO Guidelines on Seafarers' Hours, 1999 Edition (K973E)
IMO/ILO/UNECE CTU Code, 2014 Edition (IC284E)
IMO/UNEP Guidance Manual, 2009 Edition (I580E)
Guidance Document on IMS Implementation (I581E)
IMSBC Code and Supplement, 2020 Edition (IJ260E)
IMSBC Code and Supplement, 2022 Edition (IK260E)
Inert Gas Systems, 1990 Edition (K860E)
Instruments relevant to port State control 2021, 2022 Edition (KA657E)
International Bunkers Convention, 2004 Edition (E490M)
International Code of Signals, 2005 Edition (IB994E)
International Conference on Salvage, 1989 Edition (K450E)
International Convention on Load Lines 1966, 2021 Edition (IC701E)
International Convention on OPRC, 1991 Edition (K550E)
International Grain Code, 1991 Edition (K240E)
International SafetyNET Manual, 2022 Edition (ID908E)
Intervention Convention, 1977 Edition (I402E)
Invaders from the Sea DVD (V020E)
ISM Code & Guidelines, 2018 Edition (ID117E)
ISPS Code, 2003 Edition (K116E)
Life-Saving Appliances inc LSA Code, 2017 Edition  (IE982E)
Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 2016 Edition (IB444E)
London Convention and London Protocol, 2016 Edition (IB532E)
London Convention and Protocol Step-by-Step Guidance, 2020 Multilingual Edition (I536M)
London Protocol: What it is and how to implement it, 2014 Edition (I533E)
Manual on Chemical Pollution - Section 1, 1999 Edition (KA630E)
Manual on Chemical Pollution - Section 2, 2007 Edition (KA633E)
Manual on Chemical Pollution - Section 3, 2015 Edition (I637E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section I, 2011 Edition (KA557E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section II, 2018 Edition (IB560E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section III, 1997 Edition (IA566E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section IV, 2005 Edition (IA569E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section V, 2009 Edition (KA572E)
Manual on Oil Pollution - Section VI, 1978 Edition (K578E)
Manual on Port Reception Waste Facilities, 2000 Edition (E598E)
Maritime Carriage of Nuclear Substances, 1972 Multilingual Edition (E429B)
MARPOL - How to do it, 2013 Edition (IB636E)
MARPOL Annex V discharge provisions, 2017 Edition (IA659E)
MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008, 2017 Edition (IC664E)
MARPOL Consolidated Edition, 2022 (IF520E)
Manual on Maritime Safety Information, 2015 Edition (KB910E)
Nairobi Convention of Wreck Removals, 2008 Edition (I470E)
NAVTEX Manual, 2023 Edition (IF951E)
Noise levels on board ships, 1982 Edition (K814E)
Offshore Supply Vessels Guidelines, 2006 Edition (EA807E)
Oil Response in Tropical Waters, 1997 Edition (I649E)
Oil Spill Dispersant Application Guidelines, 1995 Edition (EA575E)
Oil Spill Risk Evaluation Manual, 2010 Edition (E579E)
Operational Guidelines on Oil, 2016 Edition (I583E)
OPRC - HNS Protocol 2000, 2002 Edition (E556E)
OSV Chemical Code, 2018 Edition (IA289E)
Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA), 2017 Edition (IA545E)
Passengers and Luggage on Ships, 2003 Edition (IA436E)
Performance Standards, 2020 Edition (IF978E)
Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques, 2014 Edition (IA947E)
Polar Code, 2016 Edition (I191E)
Pollution Prevention Equipment, 2006 Edition (KA646E)
Port Reception Facilities - How to do it, 2016 Edition (IB597E)
Poster: Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings (I988E)
Poster: Symbols related to Life-Saving Appliances & Arrangements (IC981E)
Prevention of Corrosion on Ships, 2010 Edition (I877M)
Prevention Pollution (OILPOL), 1981 Edition (E500E)
Procedures for port State control 2021, 2022 Edition (IE650E)
Related information for CTU Code, 2016 Edition (I285E)
Reporting Incidents under MARPOL, 1999 Edition (KA516E)
Response to a Marine Oil Pollution Incident, 2016 Edition (I558E)
Revised Guidance on the National Implementation of The London Protocol, 2018 Edition (I535E)
Safe Containers Convention (CSC), 2014 Edition (KC282E)
Safety Code for Fishermen & Fishing Vessels(A), 2006 Edition (IA749E)
Safety Code for Fishermen & Fishing Vessels(B), 2006 Edition (IA755E)
Safety Code for Special Purpose Ships, 2008 Edition (KA820E)
Sampling of Dredged Material, 2005 Edition (I537E)
SAR Convention, 2006 Edition (KB955E)
Seafood Safety During and After Oil Spill, 2002 Edition (E590E)
Ship Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP), 2010 Edition (KB586E)
Ships' Routeing, 2019 Edition (IH927E)

SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 2020 (IG110E)

Space requirements for special trade ships, 1972 Bilingual Edition (E734B)
Special trade passenger ships conference, 1972 Bilingual Edition (E727B)
STCW - Fishing 95, 1996 Edition (K915E)
STCW including 2010 Manila Amendments, 2017 Edition (ID938E)
Suppression of Unlawful Acts (SUA) Conference, 2006 Edition (EA462E)
Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1970 Edition (I713E)
Use of Sorbents for Spill Response, 2016 Edition (I686E)
Voluntary Guidelines for Small Fishing Vessels, 2006 Edition (EA761E)
Waste Assessment Guidelines, 2021 Edition (KB531E)