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Q6110 - Maritime Security Chart Mediterranean Sea (на английском языке)
British Admiralty Nautical Chart
One of a series of new Maritime Security Charts. These charts contain security related information for the area of that chart, including details of reporting schemes and regional contacts, as well as general security advice. It is to be used in conjunction with standard nautical charts and publications.

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Main Chart Details

Chart Title: Maritime Security Chart Mediterranean Sea
Publication Date: 09/08/2012
Latest Edition date: 09/08/2012
Chart Size: 712 x 1032 (mm)

Chart Panel Details

Panel Name Maritime Security Chart Mediterranean Sea
Area Name Meditteranean Sea
Natural Scale 4700000
North Limit 47 30'.00N
East Limit 42 00'.00E
South Limit 27 00'.00N
West Limit 15 00'.00W

Panel Name Approaches to Suez
Area Name Mediterranean Sea
Natural Scale 2100000
North Limit 37 00'.00N
East Limit 36 20'.00E
South Limit 30 45'.00N
West Limit 30 00'.00E

Panel Name Strait of Gibraltar
Area Name Mediterranean Sea
Natural Scale 465000
North Limit 36 17'.00N
East Limit 5 15'.00W
South Limit 35 35'.00N
West Limit 6 00'.00W

Co-ordinates given are usually those of the four extremities of the chart. In many cases not all the area within will be fully charted*.Customers should check that the chart meets their requirements by viewing the chart image (where available).Mariners should always use the largest scale navigational chart available.

   *Reasons may include

* Continuation of coverage of a small part outside the main area of chart coverage e.g a river.

* Inset plans and the chart title block and notes also take up space, therefore geographical information cannot be shown in this area.

* A need to refer to larger scale of chart, such waters are often "blued out" to avoid excessive maintenance work applying numerous NM corrections to an area of the small scale chart where the navigator will be using a larger scale chart.

* Coverage is better served from a different chart because of typical routeings.