Guide to Port Entry 2019-2020 (комплект из 4-х книг) на английском языке
Guide to Port Entry 2019-2020 (комплект из 4-х книг) на английском языке
Guide to Port Entry 2019-2020 (комплект из 4-х книг) на английском языке

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Год издания: 2018 eng
Издатель: Shipping Guides Ltd


The most accurate and comprehensive port information resource, Guide to Port Entry, assists you and your crew in planning port calls to over 17,900 global commercial ports and terminals.

Make seamless port calls a reality and be safe in the knowledge that your crew have a complete port overview with over 83 port information sections at their disposal, including pre-arrival information, details of the documentation required by the port, maximum size of vessel permissible and cargo facilities, as well as Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced by other seafarers visiting that port.

Over 22,600 port service providers are also given, together with their contact details, for quick access to the facilities you need.  Plus, when using our port information guide in conjunction with navigational information, you will have a clear understanding of the location of the facilities available by using our port plans, of which 5,932 are available.

Included within this edition is access to the latest port information updates via unique port QR codes, which can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. More information about the QR system is available here. As such, you can be safe in the knowledge that when planning a port call your vessel/s have all the essential information they need.

If you would prefer to access Guide to Port Entry in a digital format instead of paper, please consider one of our other products: FindaportCD, or Guide to Port Entry eBook.

Key Features

  • Over 17,900 commercial ports and terminals in over 190 countries, all reviewed and revised since the last edition
  • 108 new ports and terminals are included
  • 83 port information headings
  • Unique QR codes for each port entry providing access to updated port information via
  • 5,932 port plans and mooring diagrams, designed and reviewed by our in-house cartographers
  • Over 22,614 port service providers
  • Over 1,700 Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced provided by fellow seafarers following port visits
  • All data is sourced directly from port authorities, agents or operators
  • Four hardback volumes - two of text, two of plans
  • No advertising
  • No duplication
  • Trial FindaportCD, enclosed with every edition of Guide to Port Entry. For access to updated port information a subscription is required.

Guide to Port Entry Attributes
4 volume book
35cms length
25cms width
19cms depth

Text / Plain Features


Volumes 1 and 2 consist of detailed port information laid out in logical sequence across 83 headings. For a full list of our headings, please click here .

All featured data is the result of constant research and attention to detail, with worldwide authentication through the key port authorities and agents.

ACE Reports. Many port entries benefit from Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced which are supplied by shipmasters, officers and others at the front end of the maritime industry. This invaluable information provides a unique insight into the facilities and conditions at the port encountered by fellow seafarers.

Guide to Port Entry Text Sample


Volumes 3 and 4 provide usable and detailed port plans and mooring diagrams, invaluable to shipmasters approaching unfamiliar ports and berths.

Plans are available in six categories for easy reference:

  1. Country Plans: showing the location of ports
  2. Port Location: location of, and approaches to, ports, harbours and terminals
  3. Berth Locations: berth numbers and locations
  4. Berthing Diagrams: individual berth and mooring arrangements
  5. Berth Equipment: including cranes, manifolds, chiksans, fire-fighting equipment, fendering and much more
  6. Shipmasters' Plans: drawings/plans as supplied by shipmasters, officers, superintendents and other authoritative sources

Please be advised that all plans are displayed in Greyscale in Guide to Port Entry.

Guide to Port Entry Plan Sample


QRcodes have been incorporated into each port within Guide to Port Entry. Scan these codes using a smartphone or tablet to take you directly to the port’s update page on our online site,, updated daily.

What are QRcodes?

QRcodes are a semi-intelligent internet update service. Many smartphones, tablets and laptops now have QRcode scanners available, mostly free-of-charge. These scanners photograph QRcodes such as ours and jump to the location embedded in the code.

We have chosen to embed an update checker into our published codes. So if you scan the code for one of our ports, it will take you to an application on our website which will check whether there have been any updates to the information for that port since the book was published. It will also give you the opportunity to purchase the latest information for a small fee.